Setting admin corner "site"  

After we installations joomla, now we will setting our website with menu "site" at top admin site, there are Global Configurations, Language Manager,Preview, Statistic,Temmplate Manager,Trash Manager and User Manager. 1. Global Configurations, at Global Coniguration we can setting Site,locale,Content,informations about database,Server,metadata,mail,cache,statistic and SEQ if configurations.php can writable we can change Site name,offline massange,but if configurations.php unwritable we can't change.

2. Language Manager We can change language of our site, but we should install language,after we install we can choose other language, to change our site language,we can click new

3. Media Manager media manager one of facility at joomla to placed our picture will placement our website we can upload picture,journal,etc

4. Preview Menu preview use to see our site in new windows,inline and inline with positions after we edit.

5.Statistic at this menu we can search text

6.Template manager
Tempalte manager we can look site template,admin template and change modul positions of our site

7. Trash Manager Trash Manager is a place file - file delete,trash 8. User Manager All of user, we can delete user and make a new user